Specializing in controls and automation, we are ready to find solutions to your problems.  We work with most popular brands from terminals to VFD's, to PLC's and everything in-between. Contact us for a solution that best fits your needs.


With the latest equipment and tools, we are able to find solutions for tracking down stray voltages, intermittent problems, unusual load curves, or anything that may be causing undesirable effects. We have yet to meet a problem we couldn't solve!

Electrical Services

Utilizing the latest codes and practices, we can provide any electrical service required to fit your needs.


Affordable solutions to your problems.

Technology is always changing and with it the cost is always being driven down as easier and faster ways to produce a product are being developed. What this means for you is access to faster, cheaper, more efficient, and higher control of your home or business than you ever thought possible. Contact us to learn more.

Working with you, not just for you.

Here at Adamant, we want to build a relationship with our clients to fulfill all their needs, both present and future, not just reduce them to a paycheck at the end of the job.


Next Steps...

Request a quote for your next build, project, or upgrade and we would be happy to assist you!